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Want some one-on-one instruction to go over the basics, hone your shooting skills, or learn something new?

At A & S, our NRA qualified instructors are looking forward to sharing their experience and enthusiasm with you!

½ Hour Sessions from beginner to advanced.

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Pistol Points Newsletter

At least we think so, and we hope you’ll agree. We offer popular NRA Firearms Training and Safety Classes featuring both classroom and hands-on training.

Men, women, and children 12 and over (accompanied by an adult) are welcome. (Hint to the ladies, you often pay better attention and learn to shoot more accurately than the guys!)

Pistol Shooting Class

Basic Pistol Shooting Class

This six hour class provides you with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for owning and operating a pistol safely.

The Saturday class is one six hour session.
The Tuesday/Thursday class is two three hour sessions. 

Course Prerequisite: No previous shooting experience required.

Learn How to Shoot from an NRA Certified Instructor, with Training in:

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  • Gun Safety
  • Types of Pistols
  • Pistol Operation
  • How to Clean a Pistol
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Ammunition Types
  • How to Select a Pistol
  • Storage & Transportation

This course is designed for first time and beginner shooters.  However, the lessons taught serve as an excellent refresher course for the more experienced shooter.  This class will include both classroom and live shooting instruction. All materials, firearms, ammunition, and safety apparel are included.

With the completion of this course, receive a FREE one-month Range membership (a $45.00 value).  This FREE membership must be activated within six months of completing this class. 

Cost: $145.00

See our Class Policies. Visit our Class Schedules page for days and times.

  Excellent course.  Informative.  Answers all questions. 
Anytime we were able to handle or demonstrate something,
   We Learned.  Loved being able to shoot different guns. 
Because of this course, I now have more confidence in my
   ability to handle any handgun safely. 

  I thought I knew a decent amount about guns before taking
   this course, but boy was I wrong.  So much great and useful
   information was presented. 

  The class is packed with information. I personally took this
   class so that I would be able to choose the perfect ‘carry’ gun
   for me.  I have several friends and clients that I will refer to
   A & S to take this class. 

- Basic Class Reviews

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NRA Personal Protection in the Home class

Class PoliciyThis eight hour class is a hands-on program encompassing both classroom and range instruction.

Class begins at 8:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm with one hour for lunch.

Course Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Shooting Class

Your NRA qualified instructor covers equipment, techniques, tactics, and potential implications of armed self defense.

Learn Personal Protection, with Training in:

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  • Defensive Shooting Safety
  • Mental Awareness of Danger
  • Defensive Shooting concepts & skills
  • Mental & Physical response to danger
  • Alternative Aiming Techniques
  • Utilizing cover & Concealment
  • Strategies for Making Your Home Safer
  • Firearms, Self-Defense, and the Law
  • Confronting an Intruder or Attacker
  • The Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting

This class will include both classroom and live shooting instruction. All manuals, classroom materials, and range time are included in the class.

You will need to bring the following items to class:

  • A quality firearm with a holster and/or a gun bag
  • Magazines – autos need 2 or more mags and revolvers need 1 or more speed loaders
  • Eye and ear protection (recommended eye protection should wrap around or have side shields)
  • Pistol shooting classesA minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition

Cost: $145.00

See our Class Policies. Visit our Class Schedules page for dates and times.

  Glad we talked about a plan for protecting my home and
    family because, honestly, I had not thoroughly thought that
    out prior to this class.  Thank you.

  Loved the course especially the hands on defensive shooting
   drills and the State Police explanations involving self-defense

  Made me think about a ‘plan of action’ and ‘safe room’ in
   case a situation does occur.  Both instructors were great.  I
   already recommended A & S to my friends!!  Thank you for
   being so nice!! 

  One word to describe this course…Awesome! 

- NRA PPIH Class Reviews

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Concealed Carry Class

This three hour class will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to safely carry and defensively shoot a pistol.

Class begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.

Course Prerequisites:
1. Basic Pistol Shooting Class required.
2. Must be proficient in safe gun handling skills with
YOUR own firearm.

Hands-on training in the following areas:

    Check Class Schedule
  • Safety: loading, unloading and holster use
  • Awareness: Mental aspect for street and home defense
  • Fundamentals: Grip, stance, trigger control, flash sight picture, drawing and re-holstering, strong hand and weak hand shooting, fast accurate first shot, controlled accurate rapid fire, speed vs. tactical, reloading, drills for fun and practice.
  • Equipment Selection: Guns, holsters, belts, magazine pouches, speed loader holders, and modifications.

The course will start with approximately 2 hours of classroom time, plus 1 hour in the Range with live fire training.

You will need to bring the following items to complete the class:

  • A quality firearm with at least one extra magazine or one speed loader
  • Magazine pouch or speed loader pouch
  • A strong sided holster that one can re-holster easily one handed without looking
  • Eye and ear protection (eye protection must be wrap around or have side shields)
  • A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition (NO magnum loads or rimfire)
  • Comfortable clothing

Cost: $70.00

See our Class Policies. Visit our Class Schedules page for dates and times.

  Excellent course!  I would highly recommend. 

- CCI Class Review

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