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A minimum payment of 1/3 (one-third) of the purchase price MUST be made when the Firearm Layaway is initiated.

The Firearm will be held in Layaway for no more than sixty (60) days.

All Firearm Layaways will remain at A & S Indoor Pistol Range until the Firearm is paid in full.

Firearm Layaways follow all Laws, Regulations, and Background Checks required for Firearm purchases.

The Firearm must be picked up and the balance paid in full by the end of the sixty (60) day Layaway period.

A minimum Restocking Fee of $50.00 or 10% of the purchase price will be charged if;

     A Firearm Layaway is Cancelled.  The Restocking Fee will be subtracted from the total amount
     paid to date and the balance returned to the Customer,


    A Firearm Layaway is Exchanged for another Make or Model.

Any Firearm Layaway over sixty (60) days will be assessed a $30 Storage Fee per month on each Firearm remaining on the Layaway. 

For a Firearm on a Layaway that was purchased from A & S Indoor Pistol Range, once the Storage and Restocking Fees combined equal the total amount paid on the Layaway to date, the Firearm will be put out for sale.  No money will be reimbursed as the remaining Customer balance is zero.

For a Firearm on a Layaway that is a Transfer, once the Storage and Transfer Fees combined equal the Direct Buy value determined by A & S Indoor Pistol Range, the Firearm will be considered purchased by A & S Indoor Pistol Range and will be put out for sale.  No money will be due the Customer. 

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