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Free Range Time

With each firearm purchase from A & S Indoor Pistol Range, receive a one-hour FREE range time coupon.

A&S Shooting Range Gift Certificate

Having a hard time coming up with a ‘cool’ idea for that special someone? An A & S Indoor Pistol Range gift certificate is your answer. Contact us today to order.


From the requirements for handgun and
long-gun purchases to gun transfers and our firearms lay away policy, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Contact Us Today

A & S is your community, family & fun oriented gun store.  Contact us today to learn more.

Firearms, Accessories, and Expert Assistance

Whether you know what you are looking for or want an expert opinion, A & S is the place to come for the selection and service you deserve.

We have quality brand name and used firearms in stock. Whether your goal is personal protection, home defense, hunting, or sport shooting, you’ll appreciate the attention and knowledge we have to offer. We not only listen, we have the right answers and the right product for you.

Gun Sales 

Why Choose A & S for Your Gun Purchase?

What makes A & S one of the best places to buy guns?

  • We listen to you. Everyone who comes in to our indoor pistol range has a story. You keep us up-to-date on the problems you’re having, the products you’ve been reading about, and the accessories you’re dying to have. The selection we offer is a reflection of your interests.
  • Try before you buy. Because we offer gun rentals for use on our climate controlled range, you can try out various makes and models before you buy. From recoil and ease of reload to a comfortable grip, make sure your next firearm fits you like a glove before you put your money down.
  • Expert in store staff. We not only know firearms, we get to know our customers. The experience we gain from the guys, ladies, and youngsters who use our shooting range is invaluable. We’ve seen every mistake and misunderstanding there is when it comes to gun purchases. We’ll do our best to steer you right the first time!
Gun Accessories
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My boyfriend took me to A & S and I have never been shooting before. The guys who worked that day treated us with a ton of respect even though we were from out of town. I thought we were going to spend a ton of money since we were renting a gun. After an hour session and 200 rounds we didn't even break $60. Thank you for taking care of us! P.S. They keep the place clean. The bathrooms were super spotless. I was not expecting this at all. The whole experience was awesome!

We will be back!!

Used Guns for Sale

Our store features a selection of used firearms that might be perfect for you. On a budget? Looking for a first gun for a youngster interested in learning to shoot? Save some dollars by checking out our quality used firearms.

Trade-In / Direct Buy

Have a gun you no longer use or wasn’t a good fit in the first place?  Visit A & S and see about the possibility of trading it in for another make or model or we can directly buy the firearm from you.  You never know, this gun may by the one gun that someone else has been looking for.

A & S can even research that family gun you found while cleaning out Pap’s closet and place a value on it for you.  Interested? Contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

The Gun Store at A & S

At A & S Indoor Pistol Range, our retail store features:

New & Used Pistols
Hunting Rifles & Shotguns
Thermal Night Vision
AR & AK Style Rifles
AR & AK Accessories
Pistol & Rifle Cases
Gun Parts & Accessories
Quick Access Security Safes
Large selection of Holsters
Range Bags & Gun Bags
Hearing & Eye Protection
Speed loaders
Personal Protection Ammunition
Target Ammunition
Rifle Ammunition
Red Dot Sights
Non-lethal Pepper Sprays
Stun Guns
Duty & Gun Belts
Cleaning Supplies
Leather Conceal Carry Gun Purses

Firearm Transfers

Yes, we can help you with Firearm Transfers - both for hand guns and long guns.  We also have experience in transfers to and from individuals in other states. 

For in person Transfers, read through our FAQs page for more information on the Transfer procedure.

For Transfers that are being shipped to A & S Indoor Pistol Range, a copy of our FFL can be located on our FAQs page.



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